Pearl Bordered Fritillary 100g

Pearl Bordered Fritillary 100g

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From the Entomology collection

Pearl Bordered Fritillary
Boloria euphrosyne

Blend: 70% merino/25% BFL/5% viscose

£8.00 / 100g

A butterfly you can see from April onwards … if you’re lucky. This species has become quite endangered in recent years and is in trouble in the British Isles. It feeds on low growing woodland plants such as violets and lives in woodland clearings, coppice and silvopasture – so as for many of the problems we’re facing, one answer is to rejuvenate more woodland and hedgerows! This is a particular gripe of mine – in UK we need to concentrate on correct woodland management, not just randomly planted trees…


This fibre will felt.

Cool hand wash yarn and items made from this blend in a suitable detergent for wool/silk only.