"Andean Mountain Wool" Spinning Fibre/Fiber ~100g - AM07/13

"Andean Mountain Wool" Spinning Fibre/Fiber ~100g - AM07/13

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~ 100g braid of bouncy soft 100% Andean Mountain wool - something new for BarberBlackSheep!

This has been mirror gradient dyed so it can easily be spun into a 2-ply gradient yarn. NOTE: In this first batch of new-to-me wool, some of the dye has run back dying the process and fixed on other small areas - this leads to a more variegated look on some braids which I am calling "Varigradient!". It does not affect the spinning or the quality of the wool but could show up in some places. So if a completely flawless colour gradient is desired please bear this in mind!!

The bouncy ~26 micron wool is well suited to spinning slightly thicker yarns, great for those who struggle to achieve this with other fibres. It is slightly more crisp than other fine wools (such as the similar micron count BFL) and is slightly more like a crimpy breed such as a fine Corriedale - which is suspect it has a lot of in this breed - and Superfine Shetland. This bouncy wool is really easy to spin using a light touch to draft making for a fast, fun spin. This is a more matt wool which has contributed to beautiful saturated colours.

Each braid weighs approximately 100g (individual braids may vary by a couple of grams each way after dyeing and rinsing)

Hand dyed with non-toxic acid dyes.

This wool is a natural protein fibres and can felt if not washed with care. Cool hand wash with a suitable detergent for wool/delicate items.

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