BFL / Linen / Silk ~100g - BLS 11/05

BFL / Linen / Silk ~100g - BLS 11/05

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Soft British Bluefaced Leicester wool blended with Tussah Silk and Linen (flax) ~ 100g

The bouncy soft BFL wool blends with the silk for an added subtle sheen and drape whilst the natural linen fibres add a cool crisp hand for the perfect summer wool yarn, ideal for lacy tops, vests and shawls. The linen also adds a pleasing contrast streak of undyed fibre.

Each braid weighs approximately 100g (individual braids may vary by a couple of grams each way after dyeing and rinsing)

This next-to-skin soft fibre blend is hand dyed with non-toxic acid dyes. The natural cellulose linen fibre resists being dyed with acid dyes so although the fibre is dyed to exhaust and well rinsed, some free dye molecules may still adhere to the cellulose fibres for a couple more rinses. Please bear this in mind whilst spinning and knitting with your yarn if you plan to use it in combination with lighter coloured yarns.

50% Blue Faced Leicester (BFL)
25% Tussah silk
25% Linen (flax)

This blend is made with 50% natural wool and can felt if not washed with care. Cool hand wash with a suitable detergent for wool/delicate items.

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