Hand dyed Gotland Fleece 150g - G16/24

Hand dyed Gotland Fleece 150g - G16/24

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This dyed fleece is from my own flock of purebred Gotland sheep.

Gotlands are a sheep native to Sweden and originate on the island of the same name. They adapt very well to living in the UK with the specific management necessary which includes shearing them during the winter and housing them. Winter shearing ensures best quality fleece for spinning - and the sheep are very happy to move indoors and be waited on hand and hoof for a while! I shear all my sheep myself when the fleeces are at the right stage and skirt and sort the fibre several times during the various processes.

You will receive 150g bag of clean over-dyed fleece. I dye them in small batches of around 500g using the stovetop method and the fibre can be spun in a number of ways. There are some links to ideas in the tutorials drop down menu.

I carefully wash my homegrown Gotland fleeces by hand but avoid stripping all the natural oils from it entirely so as to leave a pleasant feel to the fibre.
Some dye molecules can adhere to the small amount of lanolin left behind and whilst on most fibre this is not noticeable, occasionally with deep colours it can leave a trace of colour on your fingers whilst spinning (called crocking). This is normal and not a fault. Hand wash your finished yarn carefully with hot water and detergent to remove the last traces of dye.

Whilst I endeavour to remove all vegetable matter as I process the fibre, this is a natural product grown in the unpredictable Welsh climate and I cannot guarantee it will be 100% free from VM.