Haunui / Tussah Silk 100g - HT02/01
Haunui / Tussah Silk 100g - HT02/01
Haunui / Tussah Silk 100g - HT02/01
Haunui / Tussah Silk 100g - HT02/01

Haunui / Tussah Silk 100g - HT02/01

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This is 27micron Haunui NZ Halfbred blended with beautiful natural Tussah Silk.

This is a sumptuous hand dyed wool silk top for spinning into wonderful yarns perfect for light luxurious garments, shawls and accessories. Spun fine, a little of this will go a long way!

  • 70% Haunui NZ Halfbred (27 micron) 
  • 30% Tussah Silk

Wash finished items/yarns carefully in tepid water with an appropriate detergent for delicate fibres/wool - this fibre will felt.

All my hand dyed fibres are dyed to exhaust and rinsed carefully once cool. Please bear in mind that as with all hand dyed fibres, some free dye may still be present, especially in the case of saturated tones and blue/turquoise shades and you may experience a small amount of run off in the first few rinses of your handspun yarn.

About Haunui:  

Superb quality natural shade wool tops from the unique flock of Haunui New Zealand Halfbred sheep in South Canterbury, NZ. This lustrous wool has a very soft hand which should be suitable for most to wear next to the skin.

Haunui Wools NZ Halfbred tops are the result of many years selective breeding for fine quality, versatile spinning fibre. Available in both Medium and Fine microns and a wide range of natural shades that work well together or with dyed fibres. You can really experience the best of both worlds - soft and bouncy from it's merino heritage but retaining the lustre and strength from it's long wool genes.

This is a wool that lends itself to many different spinning purposes. It's a light, lofty, bouncy wool that spins like a dream from the prepared top and you can spin it fine for lace or create bulky but lightweight yarns for warm sweater knitting. It blends beautifully with other fibres and the base colours give a rich depth to over dyeing.

Haunui/silk blend ranks alongside the best of luxury fibres in terms of handle, spinning and use in garments.