Random Batt of Kindness -  "Blue multi" ~100g
Random Batt of Kindness -  "Blue multi" ~100g

Random Batt of Kindness - "Blue multi" ~100g

£12.50 GBP

This is a slightly textured batt in a one-of-a-kind colour way. Lots of fluffy fun in an airy, easy-to-spin form! 

"Random" because these batts are made up of a complete assortment of different fibres, a bit like a pot-luck.

"Kindness" because £2.50 from the sale of each batt will be donated to charity (for this month, this is RABI see below for details).

Each batt is made from a random selection of hand dyed, commercially dyed and natural shade fibres and the contents vary, included possible fibres are listed below:

BFL (Bluefaced Leicester) wool, Gotland Fleece, Bleu de Maine Fleece, Mule Fleece, Shetland wool, Merino wool, Corriedale wool, Alpaca, Mulberry Silk, Tussah Silk, Firestar. Silk Noil, Sari Silk, Linen, Ramie, Faux Cashmere, Soy silk and more...

This a single large batt - weight approx 100g / 3.5oz. 

These fibres will felt, cool hand wash finished yarns and items only. They would probably be suitable for including in felt-making projects. Sampling always recommended.

* RABI is the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institute, a charity that provides financial and practical help to people working in agriculture who have fallen on hard times or experienced difficulties such as accidents or bereavement. More information can be found at www.rabi.org.uk