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Working with the Haunui / Merino batt sets

Happy New Year! I thought I'd blog a little "making" content here about the Haunui/merino batts as I'm adding just a few of my more popular colour-ways to this first update of 2019. I'm hoping to add to the range of colours so do keep coming back. Over the past few years, I've developed a range of colour-ways in this cosy wool blend. To explain, these sets are 5 x 30g hand-carded batts of 35% Haunui New Zealand and 65% merino wools in five co-ordinating colours. The Haunui is around 26 microns (but feels even softer than that whilst being pretty durable due to its staple length). The merino is 23 microns and so the batts average the low 20s microns...

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Creating Spaces

I've been thinking about this for a while and I've decided to separate out my blog posts. My original Wordpress account "BarberBlackSheep; Maid in Wales" is still live and will continue to be a mixture of musings on making, gardening, creativity and news. Blog posts specific to Barber Black Sheep products will appear here instead. Hopefully that will make it easier to follow the strands of interest. You're welcome to join me for my written ramblings everywhere of course! But for those interested purely in the textile side of things, it will be easier to pick them out from the other things that interest me and inspire me to take to my keyboard. Stay tuned - August is final planning...

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