Yarn base info

I use a few yarn bases for my hand dyed yarns. Some are regular stock yarns, some are seasonal or limited edition. 


This is a heavy DK/worsted weight yarn spun from Welsh Mule fleeces from sheep farmed in Mid Wales slightly further West of where I live and work. I've named this yarn after the River Hafren - the Welsh name for the River Severn - because just like the river, the original "source" of the wool is in the Cambrian Mountains. The finished yarn then "travels" to my side of Wales to be dyed (but not in the river of course!!).

It's a beautiful buttery yarn with a slight lustre and soft touch. Perfect for garment knitting and chunky accessories like hats, scarves and cowls. I currently sell this in 50g skeins wound by me.


This is the lighter weight Welsh Mule yarn spun from the same Cambrian Mountains fleeces as Hafren. Named for the River Wye (Gwy in Welsh) which like its sister river the Severn, also rises on the heights of Pumlummon.

Gwy is a fingering/sport weight yarn suitable for a wide range of knitting projects. The 2 ply construction works well for crisp lace definition and again it is a soft and bouncy yarn with a slight lustre. I sell this in regular 100g skeins and also periodically in 25g mini skeins (when I have time to wind them!)

"Afon Miwl"

This is a limited edition fingering weight yarn spun in Cornwall from the fleeces of my own Gotland x BFL sheep. I've chosen to blend this yarn with 20% silk for a really lustrous yarn and the worsted spinning process makes for a very smooth sleek yarn.

This yarn has taken several years to create as it comes from the fleeces of just four of my sheep - Grainne, Boudicca, Alfie and Siwan - and I've had to save up several years clips to get the minimum quantity! This is a truly homegrown yarn, sheared by me from sheep I bred myself and a project very dear to my heart.

"North Ronaldsay"

The name gives away the fact that this is not a Welsh yarn but of course is from the fleeces of the North Ronaldsay sheep breed from that Scottish island. These hardy primitive sheep are adapted to their harsh maritime climate and live on the shore and have evolved to live off seaweed.

This is a heavy lace weight yarn with good yardage from the 100g skein and has lots of character just like the unique sheep who provide the wool it is made from. Robust and quirky, this won't be next to skin soft for everyone but knits up beautifully into lightweight garments or lace shawls and everyday haps.

Other yarn bases

I'm currently researching yarn bases to stock in the future so watch this space!

Intermittently I sell some of my own handspun yarns which can be spun from any fibre and in a variety of weights and styles. Details for each will be in the individual listings.