Can I buy BarberBlackSheep products at Fibre shows?
BarberBlackSheep doesn't sell at any fibre or knitting festivals currently. This is mostly due to the logistics of being just one individual running a business and keeping livestock!
However I never say never - so if I do start taking the shop to shows in the future I'll be sure to let everyone know!
I do go to the occasional show for a day out just as a visitor though and I love meeting people. I'm usually wearing my Ravelry badge so if you see me, make sure you come up and say hello!
Do you sell at LYS/wholesale/bulk?
I don't currently supply any shops wholesale nor am I able to offer discounts for bulk purchases. I'm quite a small independent business and I constantly strive to keep my prices as fair as possible to both my customers and myself so that you don't pay over the odds and I pay myself a fair wage.
I'm also really aware that for some, buying fibre or yarn is only possible as an occasional special treat and those customers are just as valued as those who can buy more regularly. You all matter to me and I like to reflect the appreciation of your support in my pricing.
Do you ship internationally?
I have customers from all around the world and am happy to ship everywhere.
Can you do custom orders?
** 2018 update: Due to time constraints I am currently unable to take custom orders (other than the regular listing for Hafren yarns) **
This is a slightly grey area...
I try not to do custom orders, mostly this is because I am pushed to keep my basic stock levels up given the other commitments I have and I'd rather concentrate on doing that well than spread myself too thinly.
That said, I'm always willing to consider any reasonable custom request, especially if it's just tweaking something I already stock - so do feel free to contact me if there is something you would really love to see. We can talk. Just please don't be offended if I feel I have to decline - it will be for logistical reasons not because I don't want to help you. There aren't always enough hours in the day...
Can I use your product photos in my personal project pages?
Yes - of course you can.
If you've bought one of my products you are welcome to use the relevant images/listing text on your Ravelry project pages or elsewhere as long as it is for non-profit use and I would appreciate you crediting the fibre/yarn as BarberBlackSheep and tagging it as such. This also of course applies to pinning on Pinterest/Etsy Treasuries etc too.
If you want to use my images etc elsewhere, please ask. I almost always say yes to such requests - but I'm far less a reasonable person if you've stolen my work!!