Hand dyed Gotland Fleece

Hand dyed fleece from my own small flock of friendly purebred Gotland sheep raised here on our smallholding in the Welsh Marches. I shear my sheep myself in winter when each fleece is at its peak for hand spinning and skirt and store them carefully before they get washed and dyed. Winter shearing ensures the very best quality wool but in case you are worried about the sheep - they get to live inside in a cosy barn with sweet meadow hay being waited on hand and hoof once shorn!!

I dyed the washed fleece in small batches of around 500g at a time, the listing photograph shows one bag from each batch and the colours represent the variety of shades available in each 150g bag.

All the fleece is carefully sorted several times to contain only handspinning quality fibres however this is an entirely natural product grown in the temperamental Welsh climate and I cannot guarantee it will be 100% free of small specs of vegetable matter despite my best efforts.