Welcome to BarberBlackSheep!

BarberBlackSheep is an indie fibre business run by me, Katharine Barber, based in the beautiful hills of Mid-Wales, UK.

I sell a variety of hand made fibres and yarns for the discerning spinner and knitter; hand dyed fleece from my own sheep, tops, rovings and yarns, hand carded batts and handspun yarns. I also design blended tops made up for me by a commercial mill in colour ways exclusive to BarberBlackSheep.

I'm passionate about colour and texture and have been obsessed with textiles since childhood. I'm really happy to be able to supply my customers around the world with the materials to craft your own fabulous creations and I love to see what you make - so please do share your work with me via Ravelry and social media! #BarberBlackSheep