Shropshire Wool Spinning Fibre/Fiber ~100g - SH10/04

Shropshire Wool Spinning Fibre/Fiber ~100g - SH10/04

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~ 100g braid of beautiful 100% Shropshire wool - something new for BarberBlackSheep! I'm particularly happy to dye this wool as Shropshire is the county where I was born and grew up and I still only live a few miles away despite having lived in Wales all my adult life. So this new addition to the British wool I work with is a particularly special one for me and I hope you enjoy it too.

The bouncy ~31 micron wool is well suited to spinning harder wearing yet airy yarns. It is probably not next-to-skin soft for everyone but largely kemp-free and not dissimilar to Southdown and soft Shetland in feel with a staple length of 60-100mm and will make great sweater yarn, mittens and I'm experimenting myself with this for handspun socks - I'll let you know how this goes! This British breed wool is really easy to spin to draft, making for a fun spin. 

Each braid weighs approximately 100g (individual braids may vary by a couple of grams each way after dyeing and rinsing)

Hand dyed with non-toxic acid dyes.

This wool is a natural protein fibres and can felt if not washed with care. Cool hand wash with a suitable detergent for wool/delicate items.

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